At Fromar Foods Limited, we have established ourselves as a leading global commercial company specializing in farmed seafood from Asia. Headquartered strategically in China and Vietnam, we are dedicated to catering to each customer's specific requirements.

Our team guides customers to the ideal factories and sources the best products at competitive prices, while providing exceptional service every step of the way. We maintain our rigorous quality standards through our in-house Quality Control (QC) teams at each location.

Our core offerings include a wide variety of farmed fish and shrimp, including Tilapia, Panga/Basa, Golden Pomfret/Pompano, Vannamei, and more. As a company focused on continuous improvement, we are committed to building lasting partnerships with our customers by consistently exceeding expectations and achieving complete satisfaction.

Additionally, we also provide a variety of wild-caught products, such as Cephalopod items including Squid, Octopus, and Cuttlefish. At Fromar Foods Limited, we take pride in uniting global reach with local expertise to deliver excellence in Asian aquaculture products. Our strategic locations, customer-centric approach, quality assurance practices, and diverse seafood portfolio come together to drive our mission of value-added service for the global seafood industry.